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Outshine Interiors journey started with a little girl called Trish, thats me. As a child if I could, I would spend all day long colouring in - I LOVED MY COLOURING PENCILS. As a teenager on a Saturday, you would find me in Habitat - all day long!

Now at college I was more into acting and I wanted to be an Actress, but it wasn't to be or not to be! For 30 years my career path took a very different road, but those creative dreams, those colouring pencils never left me.

So in 2015 now very grown up, I set off on an ADVENTURE. Scared but determined I found my colouring pencils again - and in 2016 I founded OUTSHINE INTERIORS.

I received my training from televisions Channel 5 House Dr U.K. I am very proud to have also completed: The Power of Colour – KLC School of Design, Visual Presentation- National Design Academy, Colour Psychology for Creatives – The Brand Stylist.

It’s very important to me that Outshine Interiors continues to grow and discover new learning opportunities so I can provide all of you with an outstanding service.

To discuss your requirements please contact Trish.

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Trish is an amazing women with flair, honesty and integrity. If you need help to make the best of your home call the best in the business.

L. Ellis

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