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Outshine Interiors offers interior design services for projects of any scale - from a single room to a whole house.

Trish works closely with clients of all budget levels, and you can choose to use her expertise and skills as much or as little as you require.

If you want Outshine Interiors to create a design scheme that is unique and special just to you and your home, then Trish can take care of every aspect and will work her magic.

Outshine Interiors is located in Nottinghamshire but we LOVE to travel so Trish would be delighted if you were to be a part of Outshine’s Story, a Next Chapter!

Pricing - Interior Design

An initial 1 hour consultation can cost from as little as £35 depending on the scale and scope of the work you require.

Hourly rate - from £35
Daily rate – from £175
Design and Style Mood boards from £125 per room
Project Management Fees – a personalised quote can be provided.

What many clients don’t have is time and are often overwhelmed by the choices out there, so contact Trish and let Outshine Interiors put a smile on your home.

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Customer Feedback

I used Outshine Interiors to help me design my dressing room. Trish was brilliant, she was so patient and helped me to think through what I wanted the room to look like once finished even before I’d begun to prepare for change. She searched endlessly for the right accessories as well as helping me to stay on budget and make realistic decisions about "big buys". She has a fantastic eye for colour and will match décor and furnishings in a way that creates style as well as interest. Trish is balanced in the way she brings in a bit of "quirkiness" alongside functionality and she stays in budget and she is a great person who makes you feel it was all your own idea anyway.

Mrs B Jones

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