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WHY Choose Outshine Interiors?

Do you wish you could feel that smile on your face the minute you walk through your front door? - because the decor and the feel of your home is just how you'd always dreamt it could be BUT you just couldn't achieve it on your own.

Well Outshine Interiors is here to help you to put that smile on your face and on your home.

How is Outshine Interiors going to do that for you?

Do you struggle to know what colours to choose?
What style to go for?
What size furniture to buy?
How to plan the layout of your rooms?
Where to put all your stuff?
How to make your home more practical BUT GORGEOUS?

Well there's no need to worry, because that is my job - I design the interiors of homes. I know what colours will work, I know what layout and size of furniture will best compliment your rooms, what style will work for you and your home. I make sure you have enough storage and that your home is practical and I will design your home to look and feel just how you've always dreamt it.

What happens next?

That's easy - Just contact me via the Contact Page or call me direct to arrange your free half hour phone consultation to discuss your interior plans and what Outshine Interiors can do to help.

If you then feel that Outshine Interiors is right for you I arrange a home visit to set about my job and put a smile on your home.

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Interior Design Pricing

An initial 1 hour consultation can cost from as little as £35 depending on the scale and scope of the work you require.

Hourly rate - from £35
Daily rate – from £225
Design and Style Mood boards from £140 per room
Project Management Fees – a personalised quote can be provided.

What many clients don’t have is time and are often overwhelmed by the choices out there, so contact Trish and let Outshine Interiors put a smile on your home.

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Customer Feedback

I used Outshine Interiors to help me design my dressing room. Trish was brilliant, she was so patient and helped me to think through what I wanted the room to look like once finished even before I’d begun to prepare for change. She searched endlessly for the right accessories as well as helping me to stay on budget and make realistic decisions about "big buys". She has a fantastic eye for colour and will match décor and furnishings in a way that creates style as well as interest. Trish is balanced in the way she brings in a bit of "quirkiness" alongside functionality and she stays in budget and she is a great person who makes you feel it was all your own idea anyway.

Mrs B Jones

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